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02. - 23.03.2024

(Arrival possible every day)


Take part at any level. Guides will lead you through Mallorca.



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RAD RACE 120 closely resembles the experience of a professional race.

That's why you should train like the pros and grow together as a team.

However, to keep things from getting too serious, the 120 Ride Outs Mallorca share the same philosophy as all RAD RACE and 808project events: Train well, but don't forget to rock'n'roll with great beats, sun and sea.

To make a long story short: Our Ride Outs Mallorca offer guarantees quality time with all your friends and everything else you could wish for – besides cycling!


What you get:

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  • Daily Guided Tours (long, intermediate, Cappuccino; additional "Women only" group)

  • Daily Yoga & Athletics Courses

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Welcome Package

  • Live Talks (on various topics)

  • Special Evening Events – from Party to Chillout

  • Pro Bike Mechanics from DT Swiss, Canyon & RAD RACE

  • 1st aid course

  • Test center with love from our partners

  • Airport Shuttles

Additional Services

  • Bike Rental

  • Equipment Rental


What a day!

A typical day at the RAD RACE 120 Camp Mallorca:

7.00 am
Wake up – not too early, not too late. Grab a quick energizing drink to kick things into gear, then dive into a dynamic yoga/athletic session to get the blood pumping. Not so much into yoga? Dive into a refreshing swim with our coach XY in the hotel's sport pool (25m). Yep, we've spotted the triathletes among you! Post-workout, hit our breakfast buffet – to enjoy some good old "all you can eat". Carboloading the easy way.

10.00 am

Yes, we’re rolling out. Choose from our daily guided rides ranging from a breezy 60k tour to a beastly 200k tour, tailored for all you riders out there. Need more? Or less? No worries – we've got customizable GPX routes ready for you to extend or shorten the offered tours. After crushing those roads: relax. Poolside or beachside? Your choice.


5.00 pm

Join our unwind session: yoga/athletics, perfect for those tight muscles. Round it off with a sumptuous dinner and engage in our evening live chats. Pick tomorrow’s ride, then hit the sack. Next day? Déjà vu – but the best way.

Our home base: Hotel Location

Zafiro Palace (5*) / Zafiro Tropic in Alcúdia (4*)


Our home bases for the 120 Ride Outs Mallorca are the Zafiro Palace and the slightly more affordable Zafiro Tropical in Alcúdia. Both hotels offer a large breakfast and evening buffet. The rooms and suites are ideal team accommodations. From Alcudia, nearly all cycling highlights are accessible as day tours. And for the multisport fans among us, the Zafiro Palace also offers a heated 25m sport pool.

We'll take care of the right atmosphere and everything else that's needed. And the best part: both hotels offer us a best price guarantee!

Discover more about the hotels:


note: best price guaranteed!

single / Team with 3 / Team with 4 / Team with 5


1 Week Palace (without Flight) with 3 of your friends in one room   -   878,00 €

2 Weeks Palace (Without Flight) with 3 of your friends in one room   -   1.650,00 €

1 Week Tropical (without Flight) with 3 of your friends in one room   -   759,00 €

2 Weeks Tropical (Without Flight) with 3 of your friends in one room   -   1.306,00 €

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